Find 5

This week, I have put together a collection of inspiring work by youth. Many of these reflect the interests that I wish students were encouraged to pursue in the classroom.

  1. Amelia Atwater-Rhodes – This author inspired me as a teenager. I loved writing and thought that one day I would be a novelist or a poet, and I consumed hundreds of books both in school and out of school. Atwater-Rhodes was special to me because she published her first book when she was only 14 years old! I believe young adults should be encouraged to pursue creative endeavors.
  2. Amanda LaCount – This teenage dancer has achieved social media fame because of her #BreakTheStereotype message. She advocates for dancers who come in all shapes and sizes. I am inspired by her self-love and confidence.
  3. Bretman Rock – Bretman reached internet fame through making videos on YouTube and Instagram when he was in high school. He now is a representative for several beauty brands and was recently featured in a Nike advertisement. I am inspired by him because he is true to himself and he pursued his passions, even if they were not encouraged in school.
  4. Kim Petras – This German pop star began her rise to fame when she was only 13 years old. She appeared on several television shows to discuss her experience as a transgender teen. She began to make music and YouTube videos, and is now a successful musician. I am inspired by her sense of self and her bold choice to live her life in the public eye in order to be an advocate for the trans community.
  5. The Best Teen Writing – This collection of writing by teens is published once a year by Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.

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